June 1, 2010

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

Budget-Friendly Weekend Masterclasses in TDD, Refactoring and OO Design for Summer 2010

Times are hard.

They're especially tough for freelancers at the moment. Those of us lucky enough to be working can ill afford to buy expensive training, let alone take off time to attend courses.

But at the same time, compeition for work is heating up, and we need to work harder than ever to keep up our knowledge and skills.

So it's no surprise that a trend's emerging for budget-priced training delivered out of office hours.

Over the last decade, I've run premium masterclasses in Test-driven Development, Refactoring, OO design and UML. And this summer, I'll be delivering the same workshops - all very hands-on, practical and based on two decades of real-world experience - at budget-friendly prices and on weekends, so they can easily fit around your day job. The first course is likely to be a TDD masterclass in early July. It'll cost just 199 for 2 packed days, delivered in a purpose-built IT training facility just a brisk riverside stroll from the City and West End.

So if you can make it to London one weekend, and fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, drop me an email and I'll let you know as soon as dates are confirmed.

Posted 10 years, 6 months ago on June 1, 2010