July 9, 2010

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This Week I Have Been Mostly Saving Bletchley Park

Well, what a week it's been.

The weekend had me running a Test-driven Development master class, which seems to have been a success. Many of those who attended are now booked on future courses, so I guess that's the best measure of customer satisfaction I can get.

(Don't forget, there's another TDD master class on July 17-18, with a couple of places still available, and a refactoring master class the following week.)

Then on Tuesday I was at Bletchley Park with the legendary Johnny Ball (a very nice man and a force of nature) to launch the Boffoonery digital download, which I've been busy promoting on Twitter, Facebook and around and about the countryside ever since. It's currently #5 in the iTunes comedy albums chart, which is fantastic. But with such a great line-up, and produced and directed by such talented people (not including myself), maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. A tweet from Stephen Fry helped put a good wind behind our sails on Tuesday, but hundreds more of you have been very supportive with your tweets

At 8 for 63 minutes of comedy gold, it's a bargain in of itself. And for every download, Bletchley Park gets 5 quid, and potentially another 20 quid of lottery funding. So every download makes a difference.

All in all, a very tiring, but equally satisfying, week.

Posted 10 years, 5 months ago on July 9, 2010