September 11, 2010

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Anaerobic Software Development

When we exercise with an intensity above a certain threshold, we go beyond the maximum oxygen uptake capacity of our bodies. At which point, we refer to it as anaerobic exercise.

It's intense, but cannot be sustained for very long as it creates a surge of lactate in the blood stream which causes us pain, and then we have to rest for up to an hour to allow the lactate to be removed.

I've watched teams start projects at an unsustainably fast rate, causing a surge of crap in their code to build up, which causes them intense pain after a short while and they have to stop - sometimes for several months - to remove enough of the crap to start moving forward again. And sometimes the pain is so bad, and the lack of progress so complete, due to this build-up, that a decision is taken to put the project out of its misery and start a new one from scratch.

When a team writes software at an unsustainable pace, I call it Anaerobic Software Development.

Posted 10 years, 8 months ago on September 11, 2010