November 30, 2010

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

Codemanship Training Early Bird Offer Ends In 10 Days

Roll up! Roll up!

Just ten days left to take advantage of the best offer going in developer training anywhere in the world.

In Jan-Feb I'll be running my three weekend workshops aimed at software craftsmen.

TDD. And I Do Mean It!
The first workshop (Jan 8-9) is an immersive, totally hands-on 2 days focusing on Test-driven Development, and covers both the "Chicago school" of TDD (state-based behaviour testing and triangulation), and the "London school", which focuses more on interaction testing, mocking and end-to-end TDD, with particular emphasis on Responsibility-driven Design and the Tell, Don't Ask approach to OO recently re-popularized by Steve Freeman's and Nat Pryce's excellent Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests book. The workshop ends with practical and pragmatic advice on building your own TDD practice regime, and how you can objectively assess your TDD effectiveness. A new addition to the workshop is an extra section entitled "High Integrity TDD", which explores several techniques that can complement the TDD approach to produce very reliable code. As well as covering TDD and the basics of test-driven OO design, you will also be doing a fair amount of refactoring and getting to grips with not only the basic discipline of refactoring within TDD, but also with the automated refactorings available in your IDE. If you only ever go on one developer course in 2011, this is the one I'd recommend. (Even though I say so myself!)

Refactoring. No seriously. A whole course just on refactoring
Jan 29-30. I've been digging around the Interweb, and as far as I could find, this is the only publicly-scheduled refactoring course anywhere in the world. During the two days, you'll get your hands dirty dealing with a dozen of the most common and pernicious code smells, learning refactoring strategies to eliminate them, as well as getting to know the discipline of safe refactoring. I can say from my own experience, and the experiences of hundreds of developers I've coached, that nobody really understands software design until they understand refactoring. This workshop gives you a language for expressing code quality problems and the tools for dealing with them. Refactoring is the oil that stops the gears of your development process from grinding to a halt, but so few developers really understand it and even fewer can actually do it. Mastering refactoring will put you in the top ten percent of the top ten percent of Java and .NET developers. At the very least, being able to recognise most code smells could make you the King (or Queen) of your team code reviews. That'll give your architect something to chew on!

OO design. The last word. Well, maybe.
The final workshop (Feb 19-20) will give you a grounding in OO design principles, including the famous S.O.L.I.D. principles (Single Responsibility, Open-Closed, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, Dependency Inversion), as well as covering fundamental design basics (Simple Design, Don't Repeat yourself, "Tell, Don't Ask" etc) and principles for packaging code for larger software systems and products. Rooted firmly in the provable mechanics of code - complexity, duplication and dependencies - this hands-on workshop approaches code quality from a more scientific angle, but is every bit as practical and hands-on as the TDD and Refactoring workshops. Not only will you learn how to recognise OO design problems and root them out in code bases of any size, but you'll get practical experience in dealing with those problems through refactoring and other techniques. You will also never lose an argument with an architect again! Well, not a rational one, at any rate.

I'm keen that folk cover all three of these discplines, as they all fit together and complement each other very closely. Which is why I offer a very special price when people book places on all of them of just 800 GBP.

That's the best deal you're ever going to get on developer training that I'm aware of. To put that into perspective, a leading UK developer training company currently charges 1,095 GBP for a 2-day TDD course with a reputable course leader. Now, you can debate amongst yourselves whether I am a reputable course leader (check out my free TDD, refactoring and OO design screencasts if you need some evidence to help you make that call, or just Google me), but with the Early Bird Offer you can take my 2-day TDD workshop for just 267 GBP - a quarter of the price. And take no time off work, either. This is good news for freelancers and self-starters. A 75% saving AND no loss of income. If you lived in New York, the savings you'd make on the courses would probably pay your air fare to London and for 2 nights in a 3-star local hotel.

How can I offer the same high quality training at 25% of the price? Easy. I don't have the overheads or the cost of sales of these much larger training companies. You'd be amazed just how much of your training dollar goes on stuff other than the actual training itself. And I have been lucky enough to find a great training venue that charges very reasonable prices. All the mod cons - free tea/coffee, wi-fi, catering - but not silly London venue prices. And it's spitting distance from rail and tube links. And a very decent boozer (not that proximity of pubs in any way swayed my choice of venue.)

The other reason is because I really believe in these workshops and I really want folk to come to them. That's why I've gone to great lengths to make them as affordable and accessible as possible. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd run them for free.

The final day for Early Bird bookings is Dec 11th. At the risk of making a terrible winter weather pun - time to get your skates on. (Boh!)

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