December 10, 2010

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

One More Day To Catch Codemanship Training Early Bird Offer

Just a quick reminder that midnight tomorrow is the deadline for the amazing early bird special offer on the final TDD, refactoring and OO design master classes running in Jan-Feb.

Get all three weekend courses for 800 GBP - a quarter of the price charged by other training providers running similar courses. That works out at just 267 GBP for each 2-day course. Compare that to 1,095 GBP charged by another leading developer training provider for a 2-day TDD course in London.

These are the highest quality, immersive and hands-on training workshops, covering all key aspects of the discplines you need to produce cleaner and more reliable code on Agile projects. These courses sold out in their summer and autumn runs, and the feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.

"The great way Jason reinforced these practises was to apply another great agile practise, pair programming. In pairs we applied TDD to solve various programming problems, e.g. generating Fibonacci numbers, FizzBuzz, etc. Solving these problems in pairs was the most enjoyable aspect of the course. By enforcing frequent pair rotation I met a lot of nice people plus I even got a taste of TDDing in C#!"

"I'm glad I took the course and would recommend it to proficient and beginner coders alike."

"I just got back from attending a budget friendly TDD Masterclass weekend course run by Jason Gorman of Codemanship, and I'm duly enthused and encouraged about the whole TDD thing... a big thank you to Jason for organising a great course."

Posted 2 days, 11 hours ago on December 10, 2010