January 13, 2011

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Software Craftsmanship 2011 Call For Sessions

Just a quick note to mention that you can now submit your session proposals for Software Craftsmanship 2011

It's the same process as last year:

1. Record a rough-and-ready screencast illustrating the practical elements of your session

2. Go to the SC2011 web site and submit your screencast with details of your session

3. Have a nice cup of tea

The closing date for session proposals is April 29th, and you can resubmit as many times before then as you need to.

Your session proposal will be viewable fron an RSS feed live, and in due course will be listed on the SC2011 session submissions blog, where users can post feedback.

If screencasting is new to you, here are a few screencasts about screencasting.





Check out last year's submissions, as well as my YouTube channel for some fine examples of the genre ;)

Posted 10 years, 2 months ago on January 13, 2011