January 23, 2011

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Before We Code - Training In Aid Of Bletchley Park, Apr 21

Just a quick note about a 1-day course I'm running to raise money for Bletchley Park on Thursday April 21st.

It's called Before We Code and it's essentially me giving away all my secrets on business and requirements analysis and user interface design. You'll learn four really quite unique techniques for setting business goals and designing business performance measures, for modeling business processes and for designing user interfaces.

As you'd expect from me, it's all very practical, pragmatic, hands-on and grounded in reality. The working title for this course was "Test-driven Enterprise Architecture", because it really does tie up all the levels of business systems from strategic goals down to lines of code - not using fancy-pants UML or Zachman Frameworks, but using executable tests at every level.

Of course, if I advertised it as "Test-driven Enterprise Architecture", it would probably fill up with tossers. So I didn't :)

Every penny of the course fee goes directly to Bletchley Park. I don't even get expenses. Because I'm lovely like that.

Who should come? Well, if you're a developer, definitely. If you're a business or requirements/systems analyst, definitely. If you're a project or product manager, definitely. If you're an architect, definitely. (Unless you're an "enterprise architect", in which case it'll probably just make you angry.)

Basically, if you're in software and systems development, then this could will have plenty for you. There's no actual programming, but a good appreciation of software development concepts and practices will be beneficial - especially Agile practices.

Again, if Waterfall is your thing, then this course will just make you angry.

More details and a sneak YouTube preview here.

Posted 10 years, 1 month ago on January 23, 2011