This jam-packed 2-day workshop introduces novices to the fundamental practices of refactoring, as well as stretching experienced practitioners with more advanced techniques like refactoring to patterns. The innovative format focuses on building good instincts for spotting common code smells and habits for effective refactoring and works towards creating a personal practice regime.


Led By:

Up to 20 people

Jason Gorman


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Our training clients include the BBC, Electronic Arts, Ordnance Survey, epiGenesys, Waters Plc, Channel 4, Sky, Goldman Sachs, Caplin Systems, Rabobank, Capital Group, Treyport, Higher Education Statistics Agency, AXA Swiftcover, XLN, Red Gate Software, 7Digital, Pinesoft, Canal Digital, Collinson Latitude, City Index and Siemens Industry Software

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2 days

Hands-on Workshop

Workshop can be tackled in either Java or C#. Automated refactoring tools are highly  recommended also. Please be advised, we do not provide training in the use of specific refactoring tools.

Attendees tackle the exercises in our intensive public workshop

You will learn:

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Java, C#


+44 208 715 2645