Hiring The Right People: The Best (& Hardest) Decision You’ll Ever Make

Two decades of experience working with dozens of teams and coaching dozens more has taught us that it almost always pays to hire the right people. It’s the single most accurate predictor of success or failure. Hire the wrong people, and your project is compromised from the start.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates for our clients, so we know how hard it is finding the right people. Building a small team of strong developers who will work well together can take months, especially using traditional search and selection services.

Not Just Another CV Matching Service

At Codemanship, we’re software developers, not recruitment consultants. We firmly believe that, when it comes to spotting talent and sorting the wheat from the chaff, it takes one to know one.

We’re active in large developer communities both locally and internationally, and are plugged into a network that makes it much easier for us to find good developers than by, say advertising on job sites.

We won’t send you anyone’s CV until we’ve established their technical credentials and evaluated whether they’d be capable of doing the work you need them to do.

We can then work closely with you to test how they might fit within the team and within your business’ culture.

Championing Diversity

We’re a great believer that software development careers should be open to anyone who can do the job well, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, sexuality or religious beliefs, as well as any disabilities they may have.

We are pioneering approaches to recruitment that can diminish or even eliminate the possibility of discrimination for clients who value diversity as much as we do.

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