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Team Coaching

Team performance goes far beyond the skills of individual developers.

Time and again we see teams made up of strong developers failing to deliver value, because there’s so much more to creating valuable software than individual technical effectiveness.

How teams communicate, collaborate and make decisions together plays an even bigger part in team performance than individual skill.

Which is why at Codemanship we strive to work with teams on the wider context, focusing on the bigger picture.

With a range of insights and practical collaborative exercises, we help teams develop abilities to work effectively with each other, focusing on the interactions between team members as well as their customers.

Developer Culture

With the best will in the world, teams who don’t want to change very simply won’t.

We recognise the vital importance of team culture in fostering long-term positive change.

Codemanship founder Jason Gorman has a strong track record of inspiring developers and teams, and re-igniting the spark and the desire to learn and improve that many developers lose after years in the job.

From inspiring lunchtime talks to internal dev conferences and 1-week “Team Dojos”, using Codemanship as your external catalyst can help nurture a strong team culture, which is the defining factor that distinguishes the best software teams from the rest.

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Team Coaching

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