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use cases Use Cases

Our simple, no-nonsense introduction to use cases has been downloaded more than 1 million times since 2005

UML What is UML?

A 4-part crash course in UML for any audience, covering everything from OOA/D to business modeling & Enterprise Architecture


whatisuml UML for Analysts

An in-depth tutorial on the UML diagrams and modeling techniques business and systems analysts may find useful

umlforanalysts UML for .NET

A complete UML tutorial for C# developers


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These are the legacy tutorials from the hugely popular, which have been downloaded by more than a million people since 2005. Codemanship does not offer UML training off the shelf, but founder Jason Gorman is widely known as an expert in UML and Model-Driven Architecture, and has years of experience of successfully marrying model-driven techniques with Agile processes.

UML for .Java

A complete UML tutorial for Java developers