Incorporating what we’ve learned from running workshops for more than 2,000 developers since 2009, our new & improved TDD workshop is more practical, in-depth and hands-on than ever.

We’ve ditched the PowerPoint slides, ramped up the demonstrations, turbo-charged the exercises, and created an exclusive 200-page paperback book covering everything in the workshop in even greater depth, with more exercises to help you hone your TDD skills.

Day #1:

Day #2:

Day #3:


Led By:

Up to 20 people

Jason Gorman

Workshop can be tackled in any OO programming language, but requires at least 2 attendees can use the same programming language for pairing. Some basic automated refactoring tools are recommended also. Please be advised, we do not provide training in the use of specific unit testing or mock object frameworks.


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For more information, contact training@codemanship.com

Our training clients include Samsung, UBS, GameSys, BBC, Electronic Arts, Ordnance Survey, epiGenesys, Waters Plc, Channel 4, Sky, Goldman Sachs, Caplin Systems, Rabobank, Capital Group, Treyport, Higher Education Statistics Agency, AXA Swiftcover, XLN, Red Gate Software, 7Digital, Pinesoft, Canal Digital, Collinson Latitude, City Index and Siemens

3 days

Hands-On Workshop

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Any OO language

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