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tdd Test-driven Development

Incorporating feedback from the last 7 years, our new & improved TDD workshop is more practical, in-depth & hands-on than ever

Team Craft

Our brand new hands-on training workshop that focuses entirely on how we work as a team to deliver shippable software

teamcraft Software Design Principles

How we structure the design of our software has a profound impact on how easy it will be to test, to change and to reuse

oodesignprinciples Unit Testing

Action-packed 1-day workshops introducing teams to the foundations of unit testing with the most popular frameworks

unittesting oneononecoaching One-On-One

We recognise that software excellence begins with individual developers. We work with professionals to build their skills and instil good habits

Team Coaching

No matter how good individual developers are technically, we find that the team is the primary unit of software delivery. We work with teams to strengthen the skills they need to collaborate effectively

teamcoaching Leadership

At all levels from lead developer up to CTO, we work with software leaders to help them encourage and foster good practices and align them with their organisation’s goals

leadershipcoaching Talent Scouting

The most valuable thing any leader can do for their organisation is hire the right people. We work closely with clients to help them build exceptional teams










+44 208 715 2645

Training Coaching

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tdd_jasongorman_codemanship.pdf Test-driven Development : The Book

You can download the entire TDD course book absolutely free. 222 pages of clear and to-the-point tutorials and exercises that take you from the basics of Red-Green-Refactor to advanced skills in software design, refactoring, Continuous Integration and beyond. This book goes further than any other TDD book or course on the market. Whether you’re completely new to TDD, or an experienced practitioner, this book - and its associated training workshop - will challenge and improve you.