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Jason Gorman, Founder

Meet our founder and Chief Instructor

Four decades of development experience, bottled.

Jason's been writing software for four decades, and been a professional developer for three. He's cut code, led teams, and architected solutions for a wide range of companies in banking, retail, logistics, media and CAD. He's been championing Agile technical practices for 20 years, teaching and mentoring teams and promoting practices like Test-Driven Development and refactoring online, at conferences, and across many software developer communities.



How Codemanship began, and where we've been


There comes a time in a software developer's career when the most valuable use of their time is to help younger developers build their skills. In 2009, Codemanship Ltd was formed to work as a vehicle for delivering the kind of training and mentoring founder Jason Gorman had been doing informally for many years. Our first client, the BBC, worked with Jason to instill more code craft discipline in their iPlayer team. Word got around, and ten years later, we've worked with dozens of clients and hundreds of teams to help them build their Agile delivery capability.

Where We've Been

In the last 10 years, we've helped developers across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

We've helped banks, fintech vendors, retailers, games companies, insurance firms, cloud hosts, broadcasters, publishers, ticketing platforms, computer manufacturers, healthcare providers, accounting software vendors, CRM companies, streaming music platforms, and many other clients reduce the friction in their delivery pipeline through improved code craft.

Few companies have trained as many developers in Agile technical practices, in as many places, for as long as we have. 


Code Craft

The essential ingredient in a successful Agile transformation

What is Code Craft?

Code Craft is a set of technical disciplines that - working together - enable smooth, rapid delivery of working software to end users in a highly iterative fashion. Your ability to get code to users, and then change it quickly based on their feedback, is the key. Practices like unit testing, Test-Driven Development, refactoring and Continuous Delivery reduce friction in the software delivery process. Frictionless Delivery is the key to agility.

Too many organisations focus disproportionately on the management practices of Agile. An analysis of the CVs of 100 Agile coaches revealed that barely 10% of them were able to help teams with code craft. 70% had never written code at all. A further 20% hadn't written code for more than a decade, making them too out-of-practice and out-of-date on today's tools and technology to provide practical guidance.

At Codemanship, we believe strongly in Balanced Agile. The management practices are certainly important. But code craft's equally important. If your automated tests take hours to run, or if your code is difficult to change, or if your architecture is spaghetti, or if your builds and deployments are done by hand, then all processes like Scrum and Kanban will do is make that painfully clear.