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Learn from a decade's-worth of useful tutorials and other resources on code craft created by Codemanship


  • TDD - the 222-page Codemanship TDD book, crammed full of useful advice on everything including the TDD cycle, software design principles, Specification By Example, stubs and mocks, the Test Pyramid, Continuous Integration, and much, much more. Your doorway to the world of code craft.
  • 101 TDD Tips - 101 tips for developers at all levels - beginner, intermediate & advanced - for doing Test-Driven Development more effectively.
  • Back To Basics - 11 hype-free principles for software development that cut through the marketing buzzwords to reveal fundamental insights into how the best teams succeed in delivering valuable software
  • Continuous Inspection - Slides from Jason Gorman’s final conference talk about principles, practices and patterns for continuously testing code quality to better ensure maintainability
  • Slow & Dirty - Why the fastest way to deliver working software is to take more care, and why cutting corners takes us longer
  • The Dependable Dependencies Principle - Code that's more depended upon needs to be more reliable. This paper explores how we can analyse the dependencies in our software to help us target more rigorous testing at "load-bearing" code


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