Online Training

Live, instructor-led training for groups of 4-12

Support home working, lower your carbon footprint, and keep your developers safe from infection.

Training Anywhere

Our online training is available wherever your teams are, even when they're working from home. Flexible start times can accommodate a wide range of time zones and working days.


Benefit from the same high-quality training with zero risk of infection.

Minimum Disruption

Smaller groups being trained at their desks at work or at home cause less disruption to projects, and lower overall the cost of training. No travelling means less cost to you, and lower risk of travel disruptions caused by cancelled flights or viral outbreaks.


How It Works

We use to connect with participants at their own computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux)


Every participant is sent a calendar invite by email to join our meeting up to a week before training commences. This gives them time to ensure they have installed any client software required.

On The Day

Participants can join us in the online waiting area up to half an hour before the course commences, to introduce themselves and enjoy a relaxed chat. 

The training compromises a mix of presentations and demonstration by the instructor (about 20% of the time), and hands-on exercises that participants can tackle working in pairs using screen sharing in "breakout rooms" created by us, or as a "mob", sharing one person's screen among the whole group.

The instructor will join breakout rooms to offer guidance when needed.

The day is organised pretty much the same way as with onsite training: there's a start time, an end time, a lunch break of an hour, and comfort/coffee breaks in the morning session and afternoon session - though participants are free to pop away to grab a coffee at any time, since it causes little disruption online.