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Training & Coaching in Technical Practices for Agile Software Delivery

Bring your development team to the next level with our tried-and-tested remote and on-site training workshops and expert on-the-job coaching

On-Site Training

For groups of 12-20 in the UK, we offer high quality instructor-led training for development teams.

Whether it's a boot camp for onboarding graduates, a team-building exercise to get everyone on the same page, or for levelling up teams of varying experience, our on-site courses are jam-packed with practical advice and hands-on exercises.

Remote Training

Lower your carbon footprint and help keep your people safe from COVID-19 with our live, instructor-led courses available for groups of 4-12 worldwide.


Unit Testing

Learn to write effective, fast-running automated tests that will keep your software working as it changes and evolves.


Test-Driven Development

Learn to design software that does exactly what your customer wants today, and stays open to future needs.


Code Craft Kick-start

Open the door to TDD, design principles, refactoring, Specification By Example, Continuous Integration and more.


Software Design Principles

Learn to write code that is open and easy to change to meet future requirements.



Learn to reshape your code to accomodate new requirements without breaking your software.


Code Craft Academy


Online Coaching

Expert on-the-job guidance to take code craft from the classroom to your own projects.

Our Clients


"Jason's course completely transformed the way I approached development, and unquestionably made me better at my job. Years later I'm still reaping the benefits every day."

"The Codemanship training helped my team to level up both their TDD skills and OOP techniques. There is plenty of content for programmers at all levels, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience."

"I did your 1-day condensed TDD workshop four years ago and that was the moment that TDD started to properly make sense to me. I went away and started practising and my coding skills levelled up immensely over the months that followed."